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The ReSTEM Institute: Reimagining & Researching STEM Education

The ReSTEM Institute conducts STEM program and project evaluation. While the primary focus of ReSTEM is on K-12 processes, the Institute supports evaluation of a wide-range of STEM-related programs, projects and grants. In addition to project evaluation, ReSTEM provides other technical services for schools and districts such as curriculum audits, consulting services, and data analysis support.

If you are interested in partnering with ReSTEM for the support of your programs and projects, contact:

Troy Sadler for program and project evalution.

Barbara Dougherty for school and district technical support.

children learning science

Fairview Elementary students set up a wildlife monitoring experiment as part of the NSF GK-12 ShowMe Nature program.

Evaluation Projects

The ReSTEM Institute coordinates evaluation of this NSF-funded Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program. The project, based at the University of Florida, sends undergraduates from institutions around the US to chemistry laboratories in France for intensive research apprenticeships. Evaluation efforts focus on student learning within the program and ways in which the international dimension of the program impact student experiences.

The ReSTEM Institute provides internal evaluation services for this HHMI-funded project.  Services include instrument development, data collection, analysis, formative reporting, and sharing of results for secondary analysis.  The project, based at University of Missouri, aims to influence science culture, offering undergraduate research experiences where MU students also regularly interact with the School of Journalism to promote science. Additional activities and events open to both MU and non-MU undergraduates include an intensive summer informatics institute, a regional conference in computational biology, and a science journalism forum. The C3 Program offers training and mentoring opportunities for K-12 students and educators as well as graduate students and postdoctoral scholars.

The ReSTEM Institute provides formative and summative evaluation for this REU site in physics, including instrument development, data collection, analysis and reporting.  The program hosted by the MU Department of Physics places undergraduates in laboratories for summer experiences around the theme of “Materials Theory and Experiments.”  The goals to which the evaluation plan is mapped are to: (i) engage students in high quality research on topics in materials and modeling; (ii) recruit high achieving students from a national pool; (iii) recruit students who are underrepresented in physics; and (iv) prepare students to successfully apply to graduate schools.

The ReSTEM Institute provides internal evaluation services for this three-year NSF GK-12 program.  Evaluators have developed evaluative instruments, collected and analyzed data and provided data and analytical results to an external evaluator for secondary analysis.  ShowMe Nature is designed to bring scientific research into elementary school classrooms while enhancing graduate student teaching, communication, and leadership. In the program, PhD students in Conservation Biology and Life Sciences at the University of Missouri partner with fourth and fifth grade teachers throughout the Columbia Public School District to engage children in science learning opportunities that stretch from the cell to the biome. Evaluators work with the faculty director and project staff to generate evaluative instruments, collect and analyze data, and share data with an outside evaluation firm for secondary analysis.