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The ReSTEM Institute: Reimagining & Researching STEM Education

The ReSTEM Institute designs and develops research-based materials for students, teachers and schools. The focus of these materials is innovating for and ultimately improving K-12 STEM education. This work includes

  • development of materials designed to support teacher learning and development,
  • development of classroom materials in multimedia formats that engage students in mathematical, scientific and engineering practices,
  • design, testing and dissemination of instructional practices and models,
  • development of assessment resources, and
  • research and evaluation of curriculum development and implementation.

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Sample Development Projects and Products

Instructional Models

  • Model for Socio-scientific Issues (SSI) Based Education

The SSI based education model provides a framework for educators to teach science ideas and practices in the context of complex issues. More information about the model and its research base are showcased in recent publications:

Sadler, T. D. (2011). Socio-scientific issues based education: What we know about science education in the context of SSI. In Sadler, T. D. (Ed.) (2011). Socio-scientific issues in the classroom: Teaching, learning and research (pp. 353-367). New York: Springer.

Presley, M. L., Sickel, A. J., Muslu, N., Merle-Johnson, D., Witzig, S. B., Izci, K., & Sadler, T. D. (2013). A framework for socio-scientific issues based education. Science Educator, 22, 26-32.

Assessment Tools

  • Student Interest in Technology & Science (SITS) Survey

The SITS survey assesses student interest in science, technology and related careers. The original instrument was developed and validated for use with high school students and provides measures of four subconstructs: interest in learning science, interest in learning science with technology, interest in science careers, and interest in technology careers. A copy of the SITS survey can be found here ; reliability and validity analyses can be found in the following article:

Romine, W., Sadler, T. D., Presley, M., & Klosterman, M. L. (in press). Student Interest in Technology and Science (SITS) Survey: Development, validation and use of a new instrument. International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education. (DOI 10.1007/s10763-013-9410-3)

A modified version of the SITS that focuses on environmental science and related careers has recently been validated for use with undergraduate learners. This work is currently under review.