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The ReSTEM Institute: Reimagining & Researching STEM Education

The ReSTEM Institute is a research center based at the University of Missouri College of Education. ReSTEM catalyzes and studies innovation and reform of K-12 STEM education.

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The ReSTEM mission is to study and create reforms of STEM education in K–12 schools. Engaging all learners in mathematical, scientific and engineering practices is the guiding principle for these reforms.

The Institute recognizes that reform of STEM education in K–12 schools is a complex and dynamic process that necessitates the coordination of multifaceted transformations to school and classroom environments. The ultimate goal of these efforts is the improvement of teaching and learning such that all students can engage substantively in mathematical, scientific and engineering practices.

ReSTEM achieves this mission through pursuit of the following goals:

1. Foster school-wide reform of STEM education. 

2. Enhance STEM teacher development for the support of student learning and achievement.

3. Develop and disseminate research-based STEM education materials for K-12 classrooms.

4. Empower all students to use mathematical, scientific and engineering practices such that they are prepared to succeed in school, careers and life.

Integrated across all four of these goals, ReSTEM engages in Research, Development, Outreach, and Evaluation. Use the navigation bar to the right to explore activities, projects, and services that relate to each of these focal area.

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ReSTEM Institute

ReSTEM Institute
321 Townsend Hall
Columbia, MO 65211

Twitter: @ReSTEMInst

Request for Proposals for the ReSTEM Jump Start Funding Program